Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can we buy MouseRug, CoasterRug and BookRug products?

Please visit Send Gifts to purchase any of the products seen on this website.

How long can a MouseRug be expected to last?

After over 20 years of manufacturing and marketing millions of them, we have never yet seen one wear out!

Why do people so passionately appreciate their MouseRugs?

Both from the aesthetic and functional standpoints, MouseRugs and other Lextra-decorated products are a bit of “overkill” compared to other products in the same space. We are using technology designed for extremely heavy-duty industrial applications and we use production artwork interpretation techniques to produce such faithful reproductions of gorgeous traditional classic rug patterns. MouseRugs are sort of like “high tech meets classic design” in one product.

Owning a MouseRug provides the opportunity to express a bit of individualism in one’s office or home or work space by selecting the image and colors that appeal most. They project a keen sense of design appreciation while every minute they are used they provide the tactile feedback, the pleasing touch, that make them the world’s finest mousing surface.

Finally, in terms of décor for a home or office, only MouseRugs provide a truly upscale complement to a room setting. Rather than mousing on a flat desk, most people prefer a mousing surface. And choices of available products are limited to plastic or textile surfaces which come nowhere near the stunning beauty of MouseRugs.

Do all computer mice work equally well with Lextra MouseRugs?

Thanks to about seven million individual physical contact points in each MouseRug surface–the ends of the Lextra fibers–most types of computer mice could work even better than most mouse pads with less-finely-detailed surfaces.

How do I clean my products?

Thanks to the extremely high abrasion resistance of Lextra Textured-Flock graphics, and because the most thorough cleaning involves cleaning deep down within the flock fibers, the most handy, easy and effective method is to use commonly-available high pressure spray wand devices at any car wash. These are used to clean floor mats—a similar challenge.

  • clip the MouseRug to floor mat clips or lay flat on the ground
  • run SOAP cycle and pass wand several times across entire surface of MouseRug—flock fibers will not come off
  • run RINSE cycle and repeat passes of spray wand several
  • shake MouseRug to remove excess water then when back home place it onto a paper towel on a flat surface to completely dry, flock fibers side UP

You will be truly amazed at how easily you can restore the original brightness, beauty and soft texture of the MouseRug with this simple process. In fact, for technical reasons MouseRugs tend to be even softer to the touch after the spray washing process, and are ready for many more years of use.